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Computer and Internet Training
Four-Hour Single-Session Classes including Courseware - $75.00

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If you're receiving your computer training elsewhere,
you're paying too much for too little.

We Make Quality Training Affordable
Our four-hour, hands-on classes are designed to provide you with the most knowledge and experience available for your training dollar. No matter what you may read elsewhere, hands-on training is the only way to learn to use a computer application and our custom courseware delivers the experience you need with real world exercises. Our classes are limited to twelve people, so you can receive the attention necessary to understand and use the application right away. Knowledge Shop instructors are active computer professionals, not just teachers. Don't waste your entire workday when the Knowledge Shop can give you the training you need in four hours. Compare us with our competitors, and you will discover why over 10,000 people a year choose us for their training needs.