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Other unique and interesting subjects

The Knowledge Shop  specializes in Single Session classes and welcomes instructors, presenters and authors  from around the country to share their unique knowledge and information with our customers.
We are constantly seeking new and interesting subjects to market in the  Central Florida area. The presentations should be single session, three hours in length, topical, and should contain complete and thorough information (no overviews or commercials for other products and services).
Presenters should be proven professional speakers with verifiable  references.

Potential instructors should review our current Class Catalog to make sure we are not already offering the subject or something similar and then forward via E-mail (or that other, inefficient kind of mail) a class  proposal.

A class proposal should consist of a BRIEF description of the content of the presentation, class length, a bio or resume describing  your expertise in the subject matter, and let us know your motivation for presenting the  class.

We want unique, topical, exciting and fun.

Please no telephone calls. Instructor compensation is negotiated on a per subject basis.
Don't ask how much we pay before sending a proposal you won't  get an answer.
Other questions are welcome.


E-mail with the link above
or mail to:
The Knowledge Shop, Inc.
1000 N. Orlando Ave.  Suite C
      Winter Park, FL  32789